Nvidia Geforce GTX 570 or AMD Radeon 7850

I am going to make my first custom computer next monto and I was on the futuremark website which compares video cards and it said the 570 was a bit better. They are about the same price so I was wondering which will give me more bang for my buck??
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  2. do you ever plan to sli/crossfire, if so the 7850 will have less problems with the psu to attempt to do so(due to lower power consumption, newer being in the market for a bit more longer and uses 1 6 pin). and if you are very pennypinching on fps, the 7850 allows the barely used pci-e 3.0 to work. though the 570 will be a tad faster in a single card build.
  3. The 7850 is going to be within arms reach of the 570.

    It all boils down to preference at this point. Honestly there are going to be people who say 7850, and some who say 570. They are both going to perform about the same in most games. Within like 3-5fps.
  4. I have 2 GTX 570's in SLI and I can tell you from experience that they kick ass(even 1). They are cool, quiet and powerful. You get physx and in games it looks awesome also you can overclock a 570 to a stock 580 leve.The 7850 is roughly 5% slower than the 570 stock vs. stock, but the 7850 can be overclocked to near a stock 580 level. The 7850 also uses less power has 2gb of V-RAM, vs 1.28gb on the 570 (important dependent on your resolution and what games you play).
  5. If your PSU is not up to snuff, I would opt for the HD 7850 as it uses less energy than the GTX 570.
  6. the 7850 uses 130w of power and the 570 uses 219 according to http://www.gpureview.com/show_cards.php?card1=640&card2=678 so i would check your psu
  7. get the hd 7850
    its a great card
    overclocks till gtx 580 levels...
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