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my video card is a Sapphire 7770GHz Oc Edition and i wanna Crossfire it. i have a 650 antec power supply with dual 12v rails on it the Graphics card only takes a single 6 pin and i have 2 6pin connectors with a optional 8pin on both i read that it will only take nearly 400w for my card on Crossfire i have only 1x 500gb HDD seagate a wireless pci card i have a normal oem dvd burner i have a gigabyte ga h77 d3h mvp motherboard i have 4x 120mm fans and 1x 180 or 200mm fan its a AeroCool VxE Limited Edition Case and plan to in the future to get a blueray dvd drive and a 2tb or 1 tb Seagate Performance HDD nxt year or in few months would my psu be able to handle it ??

this is the review im going on its not a sapphire 7770Ghz oc Edition but its still a overclocked Sapphire 7770 OC and so i rounded 379w to 400w to be on the safe side
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  1. It would be better to get a single more powerful card as CF/SLI with budget cards are more prone to micro stuttering vs higher end GPUs. Here is an excellent article by Toms on this subject. Your PSU is good for even a single GTX 670/HD 7970.,2995.html
  2. i know but i only just built my new system 2 weeks ago and it was a budget and thats the graphics card i got and its at the retailer atm becasue it was diein on me the 2nd day after ive finished building my pc and was gunna get a refund so can get a 660 or 660ti when it comes out in august but since i just sent the card they cant give me a refund i needed to give them all the accessories and box it came with to get a refund so since im gunna get that card bk but not a dieing one i was gunna crossfire it its fine at 1280x1024 but not with metro 2033 thats the only game that gives me less then 47 fps in any game maxed out on that rez so i cant get a better card but can crossfire it
  3. and forgot to tell u the ram and cpu my cpu is a i5 3450 with the heatsink that came with it and 4x2 kingston hyper ram 1600mhz i dnt plan to over clock anything in my system
  4. Hmm, if you can't get a refund, then you can get a second one. But honestly, micro stuttering with your class of GPU's is not worth the upgrade to CF/SLI. If you can, try selling the card, if not, then you can CF it, just expect micro stuttering.
  5. i know AMD kinda sucks i wanna get a nivida card but cant if i could i would get a nivida card so i can play metro and borderlands with no trouble because of the problems AMD have running them games ive experienced micro stuttering but only because the card was dieing i will see wats it like when i get it back and so your saying that with that card crossfire all them fans and parts and the parts im gunna get in the coming months will be under the 650w limit ?
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    Actually, AMD cards perform better than Nvidia cards in Metro 2033. ;)

    In the future, if you ever plan to run multiple cards, it's best to start out with a single high end card, then add the other later on.

    Your PSU is fine if you want to CF your current card.
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  8. thnx dude and not exactly if my card is connect to more then one monitor it wont start neither will borderlands but apparely nivida cards dnt have that problem and they have physix and cuda on them makin them better for editing and visual editing and so ur cpu dosen have to run physix
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