Help in my future build 800-980$ gaming PC

Hi i wanted a build for about 800-950$ i wan wondering if i should get the i5 3570k over the 2500k, but i heard the 3570k it so much hotter, and ideas? so not to make things longer, here are the specs i want, this is my first time in building one, so if you see an incompatibility or something wrong just let me know,

CPU: i5 2500k
Chassis/CPU tower: Any ideas? im looking for good airflow and looks good, im going about 40-60$
PSU: IDK what watts i should get 550 ? is it good enough? or brand if you have any ideas just let me know.
Mobo: Z68 ex.3 Gen 3/ASRock ex.4 z77 idk what to get any other Mobo's you would recommend?
GPU: Radeon HD 7850 definetely.
HDD: 500-750 gig would be good any brand, just suggest.
RAM: 8gig just suggest a good brand, look cool or whatever is the best,
Optical drive, IDK what this is can you just tell me what i should get?

Please help me in building this pc! if theres other thing i forgot to metion just add it, thanks!
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  1. Kind of a waste of time to ask for help for a future build. How much in the future? Prices change, tech changes so often it isnt even a good idea to try and price a PC if you arent gonna buy it til December for instance.
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