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PSU troubles

I have a Liteon PS6301 08A PSU in my PC. I am looking for an update with 400-500watts max. Looked at a few and I have noticed there is different wiring setups. My PSU has a 4-pin 12v plug going to the motherboard. A lot of the PSUs I've seen don't have that same plug. Please help me find what I'm looking for. Thanks in advance
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  1. You didn't mention your budget, but here's a nice 430 on sale:

    I think all PSU's with the 8-pin connectors can be broken into two 4-pin connectors. (Just snaps into two 4-pin connectors)

    But I double checked with the manual for this one:

    "The EPS12V power connector has a detachable 4-pin mechanism in order to
    support either an 8-pin socket or a 4-pin “P4/12V” socket on the motherboard."
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    Most modern power supplies come with a 4+4 connector
  3. Thanks gentlemen problem solved
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