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How good would be 2 6850's crossfired?

I decided between a 6870 and a 6850 that I'd go with a 6850. When thanksgiving/cyber Monday rolls around I'm going to pick up a Samsung 830, and probably a video card aswell.

What I'm wondering is what would 2 6850's crossfired be equivalent to? I know 6870's are much better, but for a 50$ difference the performance increase in my opinion is negated.
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  1. The HD 6850 CF would perform as good as a GTX 580 in most situations at 1080p (Some games do not scale well with CF/SLI)

    Here is a review if you want to see how it would perform with various games. :)
  2. one of my mates has got 2 6850's in Crossfire and he says the performance is great just remember what El Tigre said, not all games support crossfire and SLI. If you just going to play games rather get a single powerful card.
  3. Pretty good I would think. Prolly approaching 580 speeds.
  4. I've read around and the feeling I'm getting is that nvidia's cards sli better. Do you guys have a suggestion for a card around 130$?
  5. I think I'll stick to the 6850's. How do you guys feel about this card? Any drawbacks?

    I'm willing to take suggestions around the 119$ price range.
  6. IMO, I would get the same exact card as the one you currently have to avoid issues as not all HD 6850's from different manufactures/models of the same manufacture would work in CF.
  7. I don't have one yet. I'm going to build a computer. I'll pick one up now, one
    during cyber Monday. So what are your thoughts on the card? Its only 119$, is it because it's nerfed or somthing?
  8. Im buying a new HD 6850 From Gigabyte :) Hope it will be good !

    But reviews for HD 6850 says that its a pretty decent card for its price range.

    BUT as cromatt88 said better buy a Single 670/580 and ur set for some time :)
  9. foshizz said:
    I don't have one yet. I'm going to build a computer. I'll pick one up now, one
    during cyber Monday. So what are your thoughts on the card? Its only 119$, is it because it's nerfed or somthing?

    It has good reviews overall. That's a good deal, just know that they are phasing them out so they may not be around Cyber Monday. If you can, I would save up for a more powerful single card and be happy with it for a while.
  10. No I wanna save some money right now and get another 6850 for hopefully 1/2 the price. The card I chose isn't nerfed at all right! No feature killed?
  11. It's the same, but as I said, it won't most likely be around Cyber Monday because the AMD 6XXX series is being phased out now. Hence the cheaper prices now. ;)
  12. =o are you serious! I wonder of it'l last that long,
    I'll have to check.
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    Choosing to go with a 7XXX series would be a safer bet for the same card to be around when Cyber Monday hits.
  14. instead of cfx hd 6850s get a hd 7850 for 250$ for around the same performance and better compatibility and stability
  15. Bro I just said I don't want to put up 250$ right now. That's why I want to cf. I want to go with the 7770, but the 6850 is superior in every way.
  16. Than pick 6850 and CF it! Or if u could sell the first one and buy another powerful GPU.
    But 6850 is good so CF it if no other options.
  17. hey but one hd 6850 is ok for 1050p
    for 1080p its fine
    y dont you save some more money?

    Another topic about HD 6850 CF .

    Where rage33 said :

    I have a very similar system, the only difference is I have HD 6870's in CF and I have 16GB of RAM (not relevant). I hardly notice micro suttering at all and it performs very well. The only issue I've ran into just recently is being limited by 1GB VRAM, but the only game that I play that eats up Vram is BF3 and I can still run on very high/ultra custom settings.

    So go for it !
  19. i have two, no microstuttering. mine are the asus version, one card runs hotter about 55 c the other in the 45 range. i get 60-110 fps in swtor. if i was buying now i would go with 7850 but i think you would be happy. i built a system recently with a i5-2400 asrock z68 gen 3 and a 6850 he gets 70 fps in swtor.
  20. The 6850 is a good card and it will probably still be around on cyber monday unless the price really drops between now and then.

  21. The 7850 is out of my price range. If I find nothing else, I think I'll go with the 6850. If I find more money I'll go with the 6870.
  22. 7770 was my final choice :)
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