Anyone recommend a case for my GTX 580 HydroCopper please.

I need a case that looks nice but also has a lot of space for my HydroCopper cooling as well as my CPU watercooling kit (XSPC watercooling kit). My budget is exactly 120$ i cannot go over because no money......
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  1. Go to newegg, sort by what you need (USB 3, FP audio, etc etc) then do a price limit on it. That will give you a starting place. There are plenty of cases that would work at that price point.
  2. If a 240 kit, finding a case shouldn't be too difficult, if 360 it'll get tricky. You can always do an external mount (what I had to do with my RASA 240 on a Rosewill Redbone mid-tower case) for the rad if need be. What size rad do you have?
  3. A HAF 922 could work if you can figure out where to place a pump, rad & reservoir. The HAF XM comes to mind as well.
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