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Ok, I'm about to put together a new comp, so i have a few questions about speakers\connections.
++First question is (i know there are many, many opinions to this question) but which is better: Logitech Z-680 speakers or Klipsch ProMedia 5.1?
++Second question is about digital connections. I'm new to audio more advanced than a single jack for stereo speakers, so I need some help as far as the digital connections on a Z-680 system go (hopefully someone with 680's on a digital connection to their sound card can help). Ok, are there two cables ('digital' and 'coax') required to connect the speakers digitally with the sound card or are the two connections there because one can be chosen over the other? Also, where can get these cables (I've looked at cables that match the description and look like they might be for it but i'm not sure)? Can anyone give me link(s) to pictures of both types of cables?
++Third question is about SPDIF. Now I believe that on the Audigy 2 there is a separate PCI bracket for the SPDIF (I think that's the SPDIF port). So, what kind of cable would connect that to the Logitech speakers? I mean, it looks almost like some serial or parallel port...
++Also, one last question... which speaker system (logitech or klipsch) do you think would last longer under normal (no party-volume or heavy metal played really loud, not usually anyway) use? I would appreciate it if someone could take the time to thourgouly answer the questions i have. Thank you very much.


333 MHz Celeron (Slot1)
192 MB RAM
4 MB ATi Rage LT Integrated Video
ESS 1869 Integrated Audio
Comcrap (Compaq) mobo
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  1. I have had my set of Z-680's for around 5 months now and they are very nice. In response to your questions...
    1) Both sets are pretty evenly matched in terms of power and sound quality. The Klipsch have accousticly transparent covers where the Z-680's don't, but the difference I found to be not noticible. If you desire digital inputs without the added Klipsch $150 DD Decoder, the Z-680's are the way to go.
    2) You only need one cable or the other for digital inputs. They can be found at any store that has Home Theater systems (Radio Shack, Best Buy...). The digital coax is better for longer runs, but TOSLink gives a slightly better quality over short distances. For pictures go to Radio Shack's website and search for "Digital Coax" and "TOSLink" cables, they are pricey but worth the investment.
    3) I don't know for sure but it might be a propriatary Creative cable.
    4) They both should last a very long time even under party volume conditions. I play my games, music and movies quite loud (window shaking) and have had no distortion. They are designed to be high performance speakers, therefore having long life expectancy.

    The bottom line.
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