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Is there any way for me to easily switch from AMD to Intel?

I recently purchased a ASUS M5A99FX-Pro R2 motherboard to use with my already purchased AMD phenom II X4 970. I am debating whether to upgrade my AMD cpu to a FX-8350 x8, or buy a new Intel motherboard (something like the ASUS P8Z77-V-PRO) and a Intel i5-3570k. After reading many reviews and benchmarks, I am under the impression that the 3570k out-performs most of the AMD cpu's. I plan on using my PC mainly for gaming, not video rendering. My current specs are:

Motherboard: ASUS M5A99FX-Pro R2
CPU: AMD phenom II X4 970
Graphics Card: NVIDIA gtx 560 ti (Asus) - hopefully to be upgraded to a 660 ti soon
Case: Thermaltake Armor Revo Gene White
Power Supply: Antek 650w
RAM: 12 gigs (2x2 gigs and 2x4 gigs)
Monitor: 27” 2ms Asus VK278Q
CPU cooler: Coolermaster Universal Hyper 212 EVO

Thanks in advance for helping out a new user :)
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  1. You'll have to buy a new board & CPU, obviously, ensure that your RAM is compatible with the board, & a new Windows license to install on the machine (your license merges with the board, so).
  2. No, unlike the olden days when AMD and Intel were cross compatible they are not cross compatible today. The only way to switch to Intel is get a new motherboard along with a new CPU.
  3. Is it worth the switch or should i just buy one of the current AMD cpu's?
  4. Hi :)

    You could put in your board an AMD 1100T ....

    I run them for gaming with a 7990 and no Intel machine will be even one frame better in games ....

    Not cheap or easy to find, but cheaper than a new Intel mobo and cpu...

    All the best Brett :)
  5. - found this which shows benchmarks of the 8350 getting a higher fps than the 3570k. I think im just going to get the 8350 :)
  6. Overclocked, the i5 totally dominates and the FX is left behind. Imo, just get a 6300 and overclock. It won't make much of a difference from the 8350.
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    You have a very good motherboard and an 8350 is the better option here. That board will help you max out the OC potential of an 8350.

    I would personally OC the 970 and wait for Steam roller so that i get the maximum performance jump in AM3+ socket. 970 is a good quad chip and with a 660ti, you wont see any diff while playing, between it and a 3570K/8350 + 660ti.

    I say this considering that I am happy with 30+fps in games on any setting.

    good luck
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