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I have a problem with my monitor screen going blank as soon as i turn my computer on,i can only see the starting windows picture for a second and the bios welcome screen for a second,then it turn blank.

Then i have to turn it on and off a milion times until the screen finally turns on and stays on,i have noticed that the brightness fixes a bit when the screen finally stays on.

When i turn it on and off a lot i can see the screen for a second but it will turn off again in that 1 second time period.

So it's like = Turn on->see screen for 1 second->screen goes blank again->repeat the procedure until it finally stays turned on.

Please Please Please help me with this.
It is really annoying to have to spend 5 minutes with turning the monitor on and off before i can actually start doing something on the monitor.

Btw i tried this monitor on another computer and the same things happened
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  1. Sounds like the monitor is dying. How old is the monitor?
  2. the monitor is 9 years old.

    maybe it's something with the brightness?
    because when it finally gets turned on,it darkens down a bit.

    i have 1 gb asus 5450 graphic card
    i updated newest drivers and everything.

    Please try to me help,please

    Monitors are expensive and i can't afford much =(
  3. Ya i think the monitor is going bad. Monitors are also rather cheap. you can get a 20" for around $90.
  4. Are you really sure that i can't do anything else?
  5. It's going to not work soon,my old dell monitor did this then died one morning i turned it on.
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