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Would like to ask, if someone tried to reinstall windows on PC. You see, I want to upgrade my PC with new GPU and PSU, also I gonna change my Vista into windows 7. So is it better to install my current windows Vista and upgrade them into win7 or should I buy a DVD. Also is the process of reinstall hard? Or is it pretty easy for a newbie who's going to do it for the first time like it says on the manual(step by step). By the way I don't want win8, didn't like the whole concept of it.

Also what does disc defragment mean? Does it somehow make more space in the hard drive or...? And when should people defragment their hard drive?

So basically I should uninstall my windows--->remove parts I want to change--->insert the parts I want to have--->Install windows7 & other software.

If anyone needs my GPU & CPU, here are the links:


If anyone has something against this, please write. I also know that my rig isn't perfect. Would like to change to the one that would fit all of these parts from manual and the ones I'm going to buy. So recommend one, price doesn't really matter as rigs aren't so expensive.

Sorry if I wrote this into the wrong forum, Thank you.

ps my harddrive seems to be messing with me, sometimes its 10gb free, other time its 15gb... Maybe anyone knows what causes this? I know viruses can affect this, but couldn't find anything with my antivirus program. Also at the moment, harddrive is kinda full, been 2.5 years since I reinstalled windows to get an english version.
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  1. I think windows 7 and maybe vista have your drive set up for weekly defraging on wed. at 2am or something to that affect. All it does it try to keep files together to make them easier to access. Don't defrag a SSD.

    As far as your plan, you don't need to uninstall windows to add a gpu and psu. The only time you have to reinstall is if you upgrade your motherboard. I'd get the windows 7 upgrade disk. It's cheaper and you don't lose all your programs and settings in the process.
  2. Just add the parts. Windows will install the drivers and maybe ask you to reboot a few times. You are making it too complicated.

    If you are a student, sometimes M$ has discounts for upgrades if you have an .edu email address. I upgraded a pc from XP to 7 for $29.95. I had to burn the download to DVD and use the activation code that was e-mailed to me.
  3. Both 7 and vista have auto defrag on by default so you don't have to worry about it.

    Install new parts-->install/upgrade windows 7

    As crewton said an upgrade will keep programs installed but with so little free space, you may just want to do a clean install (meaning just install). One way is not better than the other, it just depends if you want to keep already installed programs and files or start fresh. Upgrade versions can still do a clean install. The dvd is nice to have or you could just have it on a flash drive. (I don't have a cd drive so I have it on a usb drive.) I'd say everyone can install windows, the on screen steps are very easy to follow.

    Free space fluctuates because restore points get made/deleted. Nothing to worry about. Mine changes up to 10gb sometimes.
  4. You see guys, I want to start "fresh". Meaning that there won't be any programs which I installed on the C: drive. I will install all of my games and other software into my 3TB hard drive. Only the GPU & other necessary PC software will be installed to C: drive. :) So is the uninstall of windows how it says on the manual? or there is some other trick to it?
  5. Also guys, does it stand anything in manual about my motherboard? Soz I don't know how to check it, without opening my rig.
  6. You do not uninstall windows. You are over-complicating this. Get the cd, put it in and follow the on screen step, it's that simple.
  7. oh? so by getting dvd, the setup will simply remove my old ones(old files aswell) and install new ones? that simple? awesome!

    ps watched a tutorial how to do it, seems pretty easy.
  8. Regardless of cd or not, the hdd gets formatted. It is a quick format so files aren't actually deleted.
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