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I'm looking for a slight upgrade to my current card which is a Geforce 8500 GT, I don't have much of a budget but I've found these two cards that look decent enough, the Geforce 9800 GT or the Radeon HD 6450. Could anyone tell me which of those is the better of the two and how much better they are than my current card? Also if there are any suggestions to a different card then that would be very much appreciated, using those two cards as a rough budget. I'm not looking to play the latest games at max settings, just something to improve the 8500 as its really starting to show its age which even basic games. Thank you!
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  1. what is your budget?
  2. maybe a gtx 550ti u can run games on high settings
  3. Around £50-£75, preferably the lower end, I've found both of those cards available for £50.
  4. you could get a Radeon 7770 for that possibly
  5. I'd strongly suggest HD 6670 if you want to stay in 50 pound range:


    9800 GT would be slightly faster, but I suppose you found it under sale used? It also requires a power supply with a 6-pin connector.
  6. I'm quite new to all this but does it say somewhere here what my PSU wattage is and if so, will it be able to run these cards, I believe the 8500 is extremely power friendly so I'm not sure how powerful my PSU is. Thanks again to everyone so far.

    The 9800 GT is on sale for 49.99 at maplins, I was just passing by earlier and took some notes, there was also a Radeon HD 6350 in clearance for 24.99 however I take it that card wouldn't be much good if its that cheap?
  7. Apologies for the large picture, I can't seem to edit it to put it in a spoiler box or delete the message.
  8. Look for any HD 6750 or a HD 5750 (They are the same card with differenct names).They are significantly faster than both 9800GT and HD 6670.They also use only only one 6 pin connector so they should be compatable with your power supply.

    Compared to your 8500 GT... Well right now you can probably play 50% of the games.On minimum settings.With the HD 6750 you will be able to run every game on medium-high settings without AA.


    I found one for just 55 pounds
  9. I'm afraid only HD 6670 will work with your power supply. It's too weak for either 9800 GT or HD 6750. I would not consider HD 6350 as it would not be an upgrade for you.
  10. Awesome, I'll look into getting a HD 6670, Thanks a lot for the help everyone!
  11. Glad I helped.
  12. I dont know if you will be able to run Runescape with that.
    Jokes aside, its time for aserious upgrade.
  13. Sunius was spot on. Look for a HD6670 with GDDR5 rather than DDR3 if possible; it will be faster.
    Either will be a substantial upgrade over the 8500GT.
    If you want anything stronger, you'll need to replace your PSU first.
  14. why dont you look at a hd 7750?
  15. panwala95 said:
    why dont you look at a hd 7750?

    He wanted to keep the budget low :). Though HD 6670 will be a tremendous upgrade on its own.
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