Upgrading ATI Radeon 4350 512mb

Hello, tom users!!

I currently have a hp a4302f, I've attached a link with all the info I know everyone will want to know!!


I would like to know what graphics card could you would recommend since I only have a 250w PSU.
I don't need a high end anything but I play a lot of a game called LoL(league of legends) with medium/low settings I run depending on a team battle or now 20-40 fps, and would like for it to be a constant fps at maybe higher settings. Let me know what you guys think!!
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  1. Considering your small PSU, I'd recommend HD 7750. It consumes really low power.

  2. I'll take your word for it!! I'm about to purchase!
  3. I also see... MSI, Sapphire, Asus... Are all of these the same card?
  4. Yea they are all the same. I'd take the cheapest one.
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