Only getting fuzzy static from BOTH audio ports..

Hi, so I have a computer that i build myself with an ASUS P8P67 PRO mobo, and it's been a year since i've had it, and it's worked fine since a couple of weeks ago. Now, whenever I plug my headphones into the audio jack on the top of my rig, OR the back audio jack, I only get this fuzzy static, and I don't get anything else. I've re-installed Realtek HD Audio, I've tried different headphones, and nothing seems to work. Anyone know of any fixes?
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  1. hmm, that is odd. dont think i have ever heard of the sound chips on the mobo going bad, but maybe...

    either that or you have some weird short which is preventing a positive/ground signal reaching your earphones/speakers from each port.

    do you hear anything or just static - i.e. can you hear music faintly or is there nothing at all?
  2. there's nothing but static. no music at all.
  3. well it would sound as though its drivers/the chip itself. I am not familiar with that mobo but maybe someone else who is on here may be able to help. did you try to upgrade mobo bios and definately all latest audio drivers?

    if you go into device manager, is there a yellow triangle next to the audio? does the sound device even show up there? thats where i would start to look.
  4. Yeah, i tried all that. and no, there is no yellow triangle.
  5. uhhh, any help anyone?
  6. I have tried everything, but the problem persists. Should i get a new soundcard? would that fix this problem?
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