Single or crossfire?

I am looking at getting a 6870, the problem is i don't know if I should get it in crossfire. I've heard pretty bad things about crossfire and micro-stuttering issues and stuff. I'm just wondering if it is worth putting the time and money into 2 of the cards. I'm currently running skyrim on medium settings and getting a constant 60 unless im by a bunch of npc's. I run everything else just fine, don't really play bf3, I always tell myself I'm gonna buy it, but then later think I shouldn't.
Currently running:
AMD 965 BE OC to 3.8
GTX 460 OC to 850 core clock
650w power supply
I want to be able to run all games on 1920 x 1080 on almost/maximum settings. I've got a huge PSU that wasn't even close to necessary, so I think it would work out.
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  1. Just get a 7850 and forget the crossfire.
  2. Your motherboard only has 1 PCIE x 16 speed slot so you cannot run 2 cards. A single 6870 is not a big upgrade from a 460 so I suggest you get a single Radeon 7850 or better.
  3. As simon says, your board only has 1 PCIE x16 and 1 PCIE x1 slot, so you are only putting one GPU in your machine. As for doing crossfire (in the future), you will see huge issues with microstuttering and screen tearing on anything lower than the 6900 series Radeon cards.
  4. I have 7850... Should i get a second one for cross fire... ?Is cross fire for 7850 good?
    ANd Mufn if u want to upgrade... buy OC edition of 7850 its really worth it... i can play bf3 on ultra. i get 45-57 fps !! and in High i get 65-75 fps..
  5. Yes, 7850 Crossfire is great, but you have to make sure your machine can accommodate it. Make sure the PSU has the PCIe connectors available (I think you only need two depending on which exact card you get) and a second viable PCIe slot (8x at least if you only have one 16x and one 4x forget it, its not worth it)
  6. Check the Amp ratings on your 12v rail (for the PCIe connectors) make sure they can supply enough amps to the card. Just had that issue on my upgrade (2x 6970 to 1x7970) I have a 1000w PSU and I had to link 2 seperate PCIe power leads to give it the amps it needed (40A!!! almost double a single 6970!)
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