How to change my ip address in windows 7

change my ip address
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  1. Why? How do you get your IP address?
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    jack moore said:
    change my ip address

    open a cmd box by running it as admin.
    Type ipconfig/ release
    When the prompt comes back type ipconfig/ renew

    If you are running of a router or a dhcp server you will 99.99% of the time get the same IP address without first removing your entry from the server/router.

    If you hard set your IP address, just change the last number to something else not being used. How to do this.....Google is your friend.
  3. You could also manually change your IP to a static IP (so it will never change) by opening Network and Sharing Center > Local Area Connection > Properties > Internet Protocol Version 4 > Properties...And then click Use the following IP and fill in the blanks. You will need to know your "Default Gateway" if you plan on using this method. and your Subnet Mask which will most likely be if your on a home network.
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