Favorites Folder's Desktop.ini File Ineffectual

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For some unknown reason, my Favorites Folder's Icon, (i.e. C:\D&S\User's
Name\Favorites), has reverted from its' accustomed "Yellow Star" to a
"Default" Windows' Folder. The same applies to to the Favorites Icon Shortcut
on my Start Menu.

The "Yellow Star" is present in C:\D&S\Administrator\Favorites; however, if
I copy the Desktop.ini file from the Administrator folder to my user name, or
simply attempt to customize it manually via the "Change Icon" method in
"Properties", I still get nowhere.

I believe the appropriate Desktop.ini File should be:


Additionally, all of my other folders which contain their own Desktop.ini
file, (e.g. My Music, My Videos, etc.) seem to be in perfect working order.

I'm the sole Administrator on my particular computer, running Windows XP
Professional, & only noticed this problem recently. I've been banging my head
against the walls for 2 days now, & have searched everywhere for an answer
(e.g. Tweaks, Regedits, Rebuild Icons, etc.). I happened across a similar
post in a few other forums; however, it didn't appear as if anyone was able
to offer the member any suggestions.

All thoughts, & comments are welcome. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.customize (More info?)

    so you are saying the desktop.ini file is there in the folder yet
    having no effect?
    maybe try putting it there and rebuilding shell icon cache.
  2. How can i no it work with this code:
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