Does this mean I have 3D TV Play Installed and Ready to use?


I have a Dell XPS L502X notebook, which has a Nvidia GT 525M. Apparently, if you want to view 3D Multimedia (games, pictures, video's, etc) on a 3D TV, you must have 3D TV Play Installed. I did my homework on the software, it is $39,99 for it. I also read that Apparently the Dell XPS L502X Notebooks should already have this software on them and ready to use.

I currently have the latest Nvidia Beta driver Installed. When I checked at system Information, and click the licences tab, I got this:

When I got my PC, i immidietly formatted it and re-installed windows. I did not use Dell Nvidia driver, but a Nvidia Driver from the nvidia website.

Does the screenshot mean I do have this $39,99 software installed and ready to use?

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  1. I never heard of the fact that you need such software. Where did you read it? It should work on its own as long as you're using HDMI 1.4a cable.
  2. I went on Nvidia's website about this.

    I also saw a list of 3D TV Play GPU's my GT 525M was not listed there on the list, does this mean my GPU does not support 3D TV Play?
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