Capture Card Build Opinions Wanted!

It's that time again for a new build. Sold all fo my old components and am well on my way to assembling the goods for a new machine.

So I've decided I'd like to go with the Core i5 3550k and Z77 chipset.

My question is this: I understand that the Z77 chipset only has 16 pcie 3.0 lanes in total. Right? So assuming my motherboard of choice has 2 pcie slots, if I use the first pcie slot for my video card, and the second slot (typically 8 lanes of pcie, correct?) for this below tuner, would I have enough pcie bandwidth to record 1080i/p video from the second slot? Would the performance or quality of the capture suffer from the limited bandwidth?

Should I perhaps go with a USB3.0 capture device instead of the internal pcie?

Expert opinions wanted...
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  1. That card you linked uses 1 lane of PCI express. Though, is there any reason why you're getting a capture card instead of using fraps or MSI afterburner?
  2. Ah. pcie x1

    My goal is to capture and record hd console gameplay and TV.

    Not necessarily much pc gaming capture.

    Should I look at a USB 3.0 solution instead of the pcie card?
  3. No not really. I see, it should work perfectly for your needs :).
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