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Recently my CPU has been getting higher temps which aren't the most worrying but i am used to them being cooler. I have a coolermaster V8, and i have noticed that my idle temps have gone up to 42 degrees Celsius from around 35, and under load it never used to exceed 52 but it is now reaching around 60 degrees. Could this mean i need to replace the thermal paste on my CPU?
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  1. maybe it needs a dusting? how long ago did u apply the paste?
  2. It is a little dusty but i don't think that would make the biggest difference. I bought the PC second hand and have been upgrading ever since. The only thing i haven't touched is the cpu/ cpu cooler so i think the paste is about 2 maybe 3 years old. that's why i thought i should probably re-apply
  3. Yup. Dust or you used bad thermal paste that's drying out.
  4. @DarkSable

    Just to reiterate i didn't apply the thermal paste but it is most likely to be the paste supplied by coolermaster when the V8 was bought. But yes i think it is old and needs replacing.
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    dust makes a very large difference, i would dust it out before reapplying the paste, paste should last a little longer than 2-3 years.
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