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Yesterday my PC wouldn't boot, so I thought that I'd take out my video card and put it in a different PC. But because that other pc didn't have a power supply with a molex cable to attach my PCI to Molex adapter, I installed the power supply from the PC that wouldn't boot. So I installed it and all was good, it seemed. I booted it up, and a few minutes later smoke started to come from the SATA cables and from the molex cable that was attached to the adapter. I pulled open the case and there it was, 2 cables were melting and the serial ATA plug on my HDD was melted.
So my question is, I am worried that a few other components might be damaged by this, and what could cause this burn?

My GPU: Asus EAH4870 1 GB DDR5
My PCU: Intel i3-550
My PSU: Linkworld LPK19-30 500W
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  1. Video card is probably fried as are the hdd and mobo. That my guess.
  2. I doubt that the motherboard is fried. cause when I plugged it in with another power supply the fan of the CPU began spinning and the leds worked.
  3. That crappy power supply is the culprit. Never use generic power supplies. You get what you pay for. Brands like Corsair, Antec, XFX, seasonic are reliable companies and have good power supplies.

    Cheap power supplies have crappy low quality components inside and lie about the wattage that they can output. Just because it says 500w doesn't mean it can even achieve that number, it most likely can only do half of what it's branded as.
  4. ouch, charge to experience i guess?
    good psu's are worth it.
    seems the cable (most likely the diameter is not big enough) can't handle the load.
    hope the other parts are ok.

    but the problem is, testing it may damage the other parts that you will connect it to
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