Sapphire 6850 or Gigabyte 6850(used)

Hi guys I am interested in both of these cards. However, the gigabyte version of the 6850 might have a slightly faster core and memory clock. The sapphire is brand new on newegg and comes with a dirt 3 game, however the clock might be a litter slower but a bit of overclocking should do the trick. For $110 dollars the used gigabyte 6850 or the new sapphire 6850 for $120 after the rebate. The seller says that he had the card for 5 months though without a problem (I just dont want it to start deteriorating to early with my experience of having it.) Which seems like a better deal? Sorry that i wasnt exact with the clock speeds on both of them, but you should be able to find information regarding that in these links if not you can google it for more information.
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  1. Go with the new one. It's just not worth buying used one for almost same price. You get extra warranty with going with new one too. As for clock differences, overclocking will most certainly fix it.
  2. Sounds good. Thanks for the quick reply :)
  3. I dont understand why ppl bother to pay so much extra for "branded" cards?

    Get a good olf reference card, the opne where all the benchmarks are based on, OC it and u cant go wrong.
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