Computer is crashing constantly

Computer is crashing very frequently. Normally when I am doing something like loading a game or video. System is new - built it about 2 weeks ago. Crashing started two days ago.

Stock speeds, no OCing. Temps seems low at the 30C range. When the computer crashes the screen goes black and the fans all spin very fast and don't stop.

GTX 670
i5 3570k
Gigabyte P77X UD3H
8 Gig Corsair RAM
CM Stryker case
650w gold standard psu
Hyper 612 CPU cooler
128g SSD
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  1. What is the make and model of your power supply unit please. Is it a generic one or from a reputable manufacturer? Do you have the latest drivers for your graphics card?
  2. Latest drivers, yes. Even downloaded them again today from the nvidia website. Silverstone 650w - it was the gold rated one.
  3. make sure your mb bios is up to date...try running memtest86 and cpu-z and look under the spd tab to see that your mb set your ram speed and timing right.
  4. This could be RAM (memtest should find out), the PSU (you'll need to substitute another one; 500W is enough for that system), a grounding problem with the CM case (unlikely, unless you moved it just before the problems started), loose [power] cables, debris under or on the mobo, or perhaps a bad graphics card. When games do run normally, do you see any unusual flickering or artifacts on the screen?
  5. Not usually - I have seen some screen tears though like a sharp line that flickers in and out across the screen.

    I hope it is nothing that I need to replace due to living in Davao city in the Philippines, it isn't as easy as just RMAing something to newegg out here.
  6. Do you have any substitute parts available?
  7. have you tried updating your bios?
  8. I finally got it to work but I needed to remove one stick of RAM. Any idea why that would be? Is there a way to add the other 4gig stick and have the computer function?
  9. so is the stick ok?

    also if it is then try the other two buses
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