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Hi guys , I don't know how many of you have seen the new video by razetheworld where Logan compares Intel and amd processor

Where amd fx8350 outperform many of Intel CPU like i5 3570k at high resolution in many games and in metro 2033 amd blows a hole in Intel's reputation

So now I am seriously confused between amd and Intel...!!
I am not a fanboy I like whichever performs better so guys please post your suggestions fast .....!! :bounce:
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  1. From reviews and benchmarks i5 3570k is better than fx 8350 in from that 2 cpus i will go with i5 3570k.but both are beast for gaming.

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    It's generally not as simple as one purely outperforming the other. At low level, there are probably some instructions that take fewer cycles on one, but other instructions that take fewer cycles on the other. Thus it depends on subtle details of how a program (game or not) is written and compiled to determine whether it performs better with an Intel cpu or and AMD cpu. Also, most games become less affected by the cpu as the resolution goes up, so at 2560x1440, some games might be less than 1 fps apart between using an Intel or AMD cpu. I play Skyrim, which has been shown to favor Intel cpus (even at 2560x1440), but I can easily believe there are other games that favor AMD cpus.
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