HD Radeon 5850 - Games crashing randomly.

I am currently having problems with my computer, seeing as all kinds of games are randomly crashing, and giving me error reports from the games own report system. (Bugsplat for League of Legends, Diablo III error for Diablo III and so on with every single game i have.

The crashes happens randomly, and sometimes hours can pass, just for it to suddently crash three times in 30 minutes.

I am unsure if the card is causing this, but seeing as it's games, and they are using the card more than just browsing and so on, thats my reason to believing that the card is to blame.

Have anyone else had problems like this? I heard people generally complaining about drivers for ATI GPUs, so could that be a problem? Hope someone can help here.

Mobo: ASRock m3a770de
CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 3.39 GHz
Ram: Kingston 4GB DDR3 1333.
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  1. Which driver version are you using? AMD drivers can be a bit buggy sometimes, so depending on which version you're using, it may be the cause.
  2. did you check the games that crash if they got pacth for some bugs on graphic
  3. I have used various versions, just to try and rule out the possibility for one driver being buggy. Currently im using 12.4 i believe, or whatever is the one it will update to by doing an automatic install.

    I havn't checked the games for some patches on bugged graphics, mostly because it has been going on for over 4-5 months now. I even did a complete reformat, with the game still crashing.
  4. do you have error code when the game crash also list full spesc of all your parts name and model
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