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Which is the best? I was looking at the hierarchy list but dont see like some TI and non-TI listed. Thought Id get other opinions. I recently build a pc for a friend and his GTX 550 ti preformed well in Tera but in my pc I'd like something thats a little newer that I can still afford.

GTX 560

GTX 550 Ti

GTX 460 Video

My power supply is currently a 450 Watt and trying to not have to change it out.

AMD x6 3.30
4GB Ram (upping to 8)
64 bit windows 7
1920 x 1080 resolution montior And 1280 x 1024 Monitor

Need better FPS for Tera would Like to max them
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  1. The GTX 460 will be your primary choice it's between the 550 ti and the GTX 560. Also, the card will work with your PSU. Do you have 2 PCI-E connectors from your power supply unit?
  2. Agree on the 460. You will need 2 pcie connectors or use an molex adapter
  3. No I dont think I do. I planned on the adaptor. Why would you guys suggest the 460 even tho the 560 is higher in the hierarchy? Im just trying to learn as I go.
  4. In my opinion, the 460 consumes less power and is priced lower than the 560. I think it's a better buy.
  5. note that there IS a difference between a gtx 560 and a gtx 560 SE, the SE is a nerfed 560
  6. Because as mentioned above the 560 is the scaled down model. You ask for which one we thought and the 460 is the best of what you posted
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