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I have an irritation with my home built system, I have an HD 5770 sapphire Vapor X graphics card. It ran FSX OK but I have recently upgraded my processor and RAM; Ram is 1066 rated (800 O/C @ 1.8v = 1066) processor changed from E2700 2.5 ghz @ 800FSB to E8500 3.2Ghz @1333 FSB
Since then FSX keeps going to a black screen although sound keeps going when I crash or exit. Is this flaky FSX or possible hardware problem I have updated and reinstalled all drivers that I can think of.
I'm thinking of a new motherboard with an i3 or similar CPU and SLI/crossfire capability; theres a few matx boards that fit the bill: I appreciate my socket 775 mobo is getting long in the tooth and can't be uprated further (except a quad4 chip)
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  1. have u talt of formatting ur hard-drive, than reinstalling the latest drivers, updating ur bios as well, that could help.
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