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I am planning on buying one of these two processors - AMD 8320 or AMD 8350. The 8320 is cheaper than the 8350 by about $20 and from the reviews I have read it overclocks just as good or even better than the 8350. In your opinion, which one should I get?? Any input greatly appreciated. Thank you guys!
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  1. Also need a recommendation for a good mobo to overclock this chip.....only running a single gpu (7970) so no need for an expensive board like a 990 chipset,,,thinking 970 will do the job.....any suggestions?
  2. The 8320 is basically a 8350 but with a lower clock, that is all.

    You are able to overclock the 8320 pretty well, only you can get a slightly higher clock rate with the 8350. That is all, so if money is the factor then just go for the 8320 and get an aftermarket cooler for 30 dollars and overclock that bad boy even higher!

    And I'm assuming you're talking about an ASRock 970 then its fine,

    I have the 970 Extreme 3, that works fine with the Piledriver series, just make sure you flash it to the latest BIOS and everything will be fine.
  3. Heard bad reviews about AsRock products...especially that motherboard....200 out of 650 reviews give it 2 stars or less on newegg.
  4. Hmm... Well I can't speak for others but I'm pretty happy with my mobo.

    You could always research which cheap(ish) Mobos there are which work with Piledriver series and go from there.
  5. I use the 970 Extreme 4 with the 8350. My motherboard worked well with bulldozer and now piledriver. You will just have to flash to the latest bios version for piledriver to work. They also have a pretty good bios for overclocking.
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