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So my motherboard only supports LGA 775 CPUs and my current CPU is a Pentium Dual Core E6700. I'm wanting to play Battlefield 3 and my CPU is bottlenecking my performance. Some other forums recommended a processor in the Intel Core 2 Quad series like the Q6600 or the Q8300, but on they're all discontinued and every where else they're priced at upwards to $400. If somebody could tell me where I could find a brand new one with the fan and thermal paste between $100 and $150 that'd be great.
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  1. It is very difficult to find those cpus as they are at end of is better to get 2nd and 3rd gen cpu.
  2. I don't want to have to buy a new motherboard
  3. well my above post gets u what u need for less :)
  4. Thanks, I was a little hesitant on wanting to buy a used one, but that might be my only option.
  5. ive bought used, and works fine, its garanteed to be not doa, dead on arrival and if it is u get full refund, i mean usually i recommand new, but this is an older processor and why pay more just to say its new right.
  6. there are a few new 1s on ebay still but you gotta hunt em down. i saw 1 2 weeks ago brand new retail for £60 which is about $100...
    you dont have to just get a q6600 or q8300 any quad over 2.4 will do. just make sure it has unlocked multis because some of the q8***'s done. i think its the q8200 anyways the chances are if there second hand now they wont be the abused 1s that were overclocked within an inch of there lives. they have long since gone for the most part.
    so buying second hand isnt as risky as when the original i5/i7 came out.
    then you really did have to be careful. today most are just left overs from office refurbs so should sun like new even if there 4 years+ old.
  7. yup :)
  8. Unfortunately, you will need to buy used.

    Just test it out as soon as you can because you only have a 14 day warranty on it.
  9. yes, well u can buy it new, but very hard to find and why pay so much for an older processor, as jag said test it out and if its doa send it back.

    but its been tested before been shipped so shouldnt be an issue.è
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