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Hi I am building a gaming pc, and plan to overclock a decent amount an still have good thermals. I plan on using an i5 3570k, but I was looking around an there are i5 2500ks everywhaere for 20 less bucks, making my 7870 gpu a more reachable goal. I have a gigabyte z77 ds3h mobo. I understand the upside to the ivy bridge over sandy bridge, but can I use the i5 2500k for gaming, not bottle necking my gpu, and be future proof?
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  1. i5 2500k is still decent cpu.it will not at all bottleneck your gpu.
  2. id get this instead,

    id get the 3570k as it has more performance, even when overclocked and is worth the extra 20$


    as u can see theres a small difference and theyre can be up to 10% difference between old 2500k and new sandy-e processors. depending on witch u compare it too.
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