Can a broken Router/AP kill my mainboard?

Hi All,

Recently my old setup experienced a lot of "random" crashes. After troubleshooting this was caused by the onboard NIC, that apparently received a spike or something similar over the UTP cable.

Everytime Windows booted and DHCP did its thing, the machine instantly crashed (no bsod, just powered off).

After that I purchased a PCI NIC, which worked fine.

Though, after a while, my machine started crashing (again). This time the machine just went off without any reason and was not turning on again. Eventually I bought a new PSU to troubleshoot, but that didn't do the trick either ... it wouldn't turn on.

I then bought a new setup:

- I5 3570K
- MSI Z77 M45 mainboard
- 8GB Corsair RAM
- Samsung SSD
- Samsung S-ATA disk
- Gelid Solutions Tranquilo Cooler

I kept the following from my old setup:

- Case (Antec P190)
- The newer PSU (not a-brand i might add)
- Sapphire HD5770 Vapor-X

This setup worked for 2 or 3 days, but when I came up stairs to do some further gaming, the same symptoms occurred as with my earlier setup. The machine would not start up again!

Now I know that my latest setup went into Hibernate which was fine by me. It worked like a charm and did not bother me at all. Unfortunately I do not think this issue has got anything to do with the Hibernation as it doesn't do anything at all.

What I did was try and see if it give any signs of life, but it didn't really. I opened the case up and noticed that there was a slight "blink" of my GPU led and that the CPU fans turned for a few seconds, then power was off again.

Could this be in some way related to my UTP Cable or Switch/AP that is messing up my mainboard?

I also would like to add that there was a small 'tinteling' in my hand when I touched both the case and my heater. The room where the desktop is in is not Grounded, but when I moved the setup to a location where a grounded connection was available, it did not kill any fuses - it refuses to do anything.

Now basically I am back to where I started, as I do not have spare parts to test what is dead this time. I tried the PSU Hotwire tip, but it doesn't work.

Does anyone here have an idea on where to search for my rootcause? Obviously buying new parts and wait for it to happen again isn't something I'm too keen on :P

Thanks for the help,
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  1. its one of the rarest things ive ever heard of but check your line voltage, i would also recommend changing out the psu and vga to something else or an onboard to verify. If you are getting the exact same results, i would assume its one of the parts you transferred over, or its something outside of your computer like your line.
  2. Well, could it be the case then? I wouldn't think so since that has worked fine for 4 years or so.

    About the NIC thing, I've never heard it either and was quite amazed to figure out this was causing problems earlier as well. Changing the onboard NIC to a PCI one did fix the problem though, it was definately not driver related.
  3. +1 for swapping out PSU

    It may be that your non-branded PSU has failed on you, swap it out for something of nice quality and see if that helps your situation any.

    I would argue about swapping out your GPU unless you KNOW it's fried, but save that for when you've swapped your PSU.

    Is there any type of marking on the side that tell you the amperage of your PSU's 12v rail?
  4. "Tingling" means you have a ground problem. That alone can kill components. You need to get that fixed.
  5. jsc said:
    "Tingling" means you have a ground problem. That alone can kill components. You need to get that fixed.

    I agree, but the house I live in now is a rental, where only the kitchen and bathroom are grounded :-(

    Regarding the 12V line, I'll check it later since I've got the machine laying in my car. The GPU worked fine without problems for quite a long time, I don't expect that to be the cause.

    Would it just be a coincidance that this PSU failed on me as well then?

    - Old one just died (BeQuiet 450W) since it was 4 years old;
    - New one was just a piece of **** and didn't pull it.
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