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I recently popped an EVGA 670 FTW into my rig (damn good card) - question - is there any way I can use my spare 570HD SC in any capacity, in the same system (SLI obviously not an option)? Should be fine with the PS (850w Corsair). I feel sorry for the 570 - sitting on a table, staring at me like a lost puppy. Feedback appreciated peeps...
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    You can use the GTX 570 as a dedicated PhysX card. Just go into the Nvidia control panel and select the GTX 570 to be the PhysX processor. I did that with my old GTX 560 Ti.
  2. Appreciate it bro - I will assume you are seeing bang for the drain...
  3. Sorry for not posting my specs - i5 2500k, FTW 670, ADATA 120g SSD USB 3, Kingston HyperX 8 mb 1600MHZ, generic 720 rpm data drive, Gigabyte Z68 UDH B3 MB, and some Christmas lights...
  4. If you play any games that use both monitors, I think you can hook one monitor up to each. Not completely sure though.
  5. Sell it before the 660ti comes out.
  6. Tried that brotherman - no takers - the 570 HD SC is still a damn good card - prolly build a second machine - the card can certainly hold its own, unless you absolutely must dominate some of these system hogging games. Someone is going to get a damn good present. Appreciate all the replies...
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