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I am thinking about starting to offer a custom PC build service in the UK mainly advertising locally and want to know what people think of this service and the pricing any feedback and ideas welcome.
Component price under £500
£35 build fee £15 OS installation
Component price £500-£1000
£50 build fee £15 OS installation
Component price £1000+
£60 build fee £15 OS installation
I would work that a potential customer chooses his parts from any online retailer and emails me the list to check compatibility and if its all OK he orders the components to be delivered directly to me.

Let me know what you think. Also am I allowed to recommend my service to people in this forum?
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  1. I think youll be spending a lot of money and waiting a long time on the return. Think a lot of people who dabble in system building dream of doing what they love for a living. Problem is there are 1000s more people just like you trying to do the same thing. You wont stand out. And assuming people will ship their parts to you is quite honestly, a dream. Good luck.
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