New Build Problems - I think it's the Motherboard

So I got my new PC parts in and I'm having a problem getting it to detect the video card (Galaxy GTX 670 GC).

The board is a MSI Z77A-GD65 and I'm using an Intel Core i5 3570K. My memory is 8 GB (2x4GB G.Skill Ares Model F3-1600C9D-8GAB)

So here's the deal, with the GTX 670 plugged into any of the PCI Slots, it is not detected. Nothing. It doesn't show up under device manager, and I cannot install drivers for it because it is undetected. It does not send a signal to the monitors at all.

The onboard graphics do work, and do send a signal to the monitor.

I removed the GTX 670 and swapped it into my current machine, and it worked fine.

I assumed my issue was the motherboard, but I figured I'd test the RAM in my current machine too. I put both my ram sticks into my current machine and sure enough, it didn't send a signal to the monitors. I removed one stick of the ram, and it sent a signal - the other RAM stick by itself wouldn't. Then I thought, hmm, maybe it's one of the RAM sticks.

So I put ONLY the stick that worked by itself in my current machine into my new one, and still no signal. Tried the other one by itself, still no signal. Tried my RAM from my old PC in my new PC, still no signal.

I don't know what else to try, I am pretty sure it's NOT the video card.

It looks to me like maybe it's combination of bad motherboard and a bad ram stick?

Any suggestions would be great. I don't know if MSI will get back to me today but I plan on RMA'ing both the motherboard and RAM if I can't figure something out.
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  1. Did you try the potentially faulty RAM stick by itself in your old machine? That should rule out the RAM issue.

    The GPU sounds like it's you have another GPU you can try in your new system?

    From what you've said, I suspect the motherboard is being funny so I'd RMA that in the first instance.
  2. Here's the issue with the RAM:

    Old PC:

    Stick 1 by itself works, 1 beep.
    Stick 2 by itself doesn't work, no beep.
    Stick 1 and 2 together doesn't work. no beep.

    New PC:
    Stick 1 works, but GTX 670 isn't detected.
    Stick 2 works, but GTX 670 isn't detected.
    Stick 1 and 2 works, but GTX 670 isn't detected.

    What I mean by they both work in the new pc is, the PC boots into windows and all RAM sticks are detected. That's using onboard video. If I plug the cable into the GTX 670 there's just no signal.

    I don't know what this means for the RAM, I guess I can do a memtest on them, but it's weird that they would be detected fine in the new system but one of them acts funny in my old system.

    Would it be feasible there is a setting in bios somewhere causing the board not to properly detect the GTX 670??

    ALSO, the RAM from my old PC has the same result in the new display from the GTX has to be the PCI slots I think :|
  3. Found something in the manual regarding the bios, but can't verify what I have as defaults until lunch:

    Initiate Graphic Adapter
    Choose which adapter you wish to make the primary option:

    PEG - PCI-Express Graphics Device
    IGD - Integrated Graphics Device

    Pretty sure it's set to PEG, but then there is this:

    IGD Multi-Monitor
    Enables both integrated and discrete graphics at the same time. When disabled, it will default to Initiated Graphics Adapter selection.

    Wondering if that means if Multi-Monitor is disabled, it won't read from the PCI Graphics Device even if it is set to primary...
  4. Changing those settings didn't matter. Can't get this thing to work.
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