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Haswell Price?

Hey guys! :hello:

I realize that any answers would just be speculation, but I was curious about what the price of new Haswell chips is likely to be. In particular I was interested in the Haswell equivalent to the i5 3570K. That's selling right now for $190 at MicroCenter, and $230 at NewEgg. Does anyone know what this sold when it was realeased, as that might be a good indication? How about the i5 2500K at release? I'm debating waiting for Haswell or going with Ivybridge when my tax refund comes in depending on the prices at release. Many thanks!
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  1. Hi :)

    Nobody know but it WONT be cheaper lol...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. The i5 3570K has been in such high demand that the price has not changed at all since release. For a few months, it even went up a few dollars. I would assume the Haswell prices will be slightly higher than Ivy-Bridge release prices. Perhaps the Ivy-Bridge family will see a nice price drop in the next couple months to make way.
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    In the past we have released new processors at or near the same price point of the generation before it. So while I havent seen any pricing for our next generation of processors it is a fairly safe bet that they will be close to that of the processors currently on the market.
  4. Wonderful, thank you so much!
  5. Somewhere between $1 and $999.

    I would guess $240.
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