EVGA 460GTX driver install problems

Hey everyone, I'm new on tom's, and i'd really appreciate your help with this one. My old 9800GT fried a couple weeks ago, with the screen just going black. After a reboot there were artifacts all over the screen and the resolution was lowered by quite a bit. Using the computer for more than 15 minutes would cause the screen to go black again. I told my friend and he sold me a new eVGA 460GTX, and I took out my old 9800 and put in the 460GTX alright. However, since i'm not sure how to proceed with driver installation. Should i put my 9800 back in and remove the drivers before booting the machine with the new 460? And my friend had lost his install disk, so how would I go about updating/ installing the drivers. To complicate things, my old power supply was only 400W, and I'm getting a new one this weekend, would it be ok to run the 460GTX at that wattage? As you can probably tell I'm a complete novice at this, and I would really appreciate any help! :)
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  1. I'm also thinking of getting this PSU: http://www.memoryexpress.com/Products/MX34737
    would appreciate any suggestions or feedback
  2. if you already put your card in then just go for it. if you're using more recent drivers maybe there is no need for you to make changes to the drivers as the driver should detects GTX460 automatically. unless you're using old driver prior to GTX460 release i don't see there is any issue with it. but if you want to take it fresh then you can reinstall the driver and checked 'perform clean driver installation' box when you install the driver.

    also in regards to the driver it better for you to get the latest one from nvidia site directly. i recommend you to get the latest beta driver as the latest WHQL have some weird known issues with it and the fix has been rolled out in the last two beta drivers. as for the wattage nvidia recommends 450w psu for the card:


    400w still able to handle the card if your unit was from high quality line (non-generic) of psu but i strongly suggest for you to replace your PSU immediately. 450w should be fine but you can look up to 550w if you want more headroom for the PSU
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