GTX 560 SE, extremely old rig.


Im upgrading from a very old machine with the following specs:

Intel Celeron 450 2.2GHz (I know it sucks really bad)
GeForce 7050/nForce 610i

I know its really old but i want to at least be able to play some recent games. (shooting for medium-low settings)

Im planning on buying a GTX 560 SE because of its price and I hear its much better than 550 Ti and doesnt lag behind in comparison to its bigger cousin. One of the questions is if my motherboard will be able to handle it (it only has PCIe 1.0 afaik)

Now this doesnt mean im gonna stay with this rig untouched. Im also planning on upgrading to 4GB (2 x 2) in a few months and changing mobo/processor (most likely Intel i3 or i5) by fall.

But my priority right now is upgrading from an integrated chipset.

Im sorry if this doesnt make much sense, this is the very first time I will change components.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Your motherboard will handle the card fine. But I really advise to overclock your CPU if you can because it will surely bottleneck the GTX 560 SE.
  2. the 560 is overkill for your system, the single core cely will bottleneck you big time. You are looking at something budget, I would suggest an AMD 6650. Its cheap, small, runs cool, and doesn't require external power. Anything more is throwing money away for your cpu.
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