Upgrading front panel USB on a chassis.

Is it unreasonable to attempt a USB 2.0 to USB 3.0 header replacement on a computer case? For example, if I were to purchase a chassis with only front panel USB 2.0 and also purchase standalone USB 3.0 headers ( ) is there a standard procedure for installing them?
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    Those headers don't look like they would fit terribly easily. You would probably have to drill little screw holes to either side, and it might be a real pain in the arse to strip down the case enough to access the headers from the inside. That being said, it isn't rocket science, and definitely doable.
  2. I have worked with enough cases to know that they use different mounting methods depending on the manufacturer. Maybe I can strip the default mounts off of this and try my best to use the existing case affixment.

    I ask there because there are a lot of great cases made before USB 3.0 became a standard. It would be a shame to overlook these designs just because a front I/O port is slightly outdated.
  3. Yeah, I totally see where you're coming from. It's definitely worth a shot, especially if the case isn't terribly expensive. What did you have in mind?
  4. The Fractal Design Core 1000 and 3000 series cases are perfect for my minimalistic take on builds. There are also a few from Raidmax and Apevia that I'm looking at with the same problem. And the Core 1000 is only $40 USD so I wouldn't feel too bad hacking it apart.
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