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Unaccounted for Connections

January 25, 2013 7:49:28 PM

I recently bought a Corsair CX600 (

After installation I realized that, because of my shoddy research and eagerness to get the PSU, there were some cables sticking out from the case and nothing to connect them to. I thought "Hey, they seem to be leading up to the DVD Drive, which I barely use, so everything's gonna be alright!"

Today I looked into the computer and saw the rear fan sitting there motionless.

So I l found out what cables were left alone: a female 4-pin molex, a male 4-pin molex, and some other cable that had "TKG 2510" on it.

I believe I can get some sort of Sata-Molex converter off of newegg to take care of the molex connectors, but I have no idea on what to do with the other TKG cable.

Here are some pictures of what they look like.



Main question: Anyone have any idea on what I should do? I'm worried about the computer overheating.

Other questions: Both Molex connectors are attached to the TKG cable. Do I have to power them both up or can I get away with just powering one up?

At what temperature range should I be worried about overheating?