Trying to find a good graphics card for my processor.

My processor is an Intel Core 2 DUO CPU E8400 @3.00 GHZ. I was looking to mostly just be able to run Dayz, and Skyrim smoothly (with as best settings as i can get for under... say 250). Any help would be greatly appreciated. I just wanted to make sure i didnt get something too powerful for my processor, and also, my current one is a NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS.
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  1. Without too much bottleneck you can look into a GTX 550 Ti, or GTX 560 SE, a 6850, or 7750.
  2. Actually, whilst it would be quite overpowered for your machine, the recent price drops of the 7xxx series, resulting in a sapphire 7850 for an incredible 240 bucks!!!

    Yes, it will be bottle necked by your dual core, but you want a graphics card to outlast your CPU, and not have to upgrade them all at once!

    not to mention, in order to get a wee bit more bang for buck, you could OC, the e8400 willl hit 4Ghz, or sink a cheap core 2 quad second hand for a quick and diry upgrade path. Just don't skint on the gfx, and get a 550ti..
  3. Thanks both of you! And is there anything else i should look for before i make my purchase to make sure they're compatible? (is it possible for incompatible power supplys, etc.)
  4. The next question is what is your power supply? Are you planning to change it?
  5. You need a single 6 pin cable, which I understand it comes with a molex to 6 pin adaptor anyway.

    Your _minimum_ PSU wattage would be 400W for gaming, 480-650 if you're overclocking.

    The benefit is the 7850 is very rather power efficient.
  6. My buddy's got an E8400 with SLI 550Ti's. Its not the greatest setup but it runs every game he wants it to at high still. He runs DayZ fine.

    You could go for a 6850 or a 6770 depending on the power supply you have.
  7. Deemo- why? If he gets one of those cards, and then upgrades to a quad core later on, say 1 year from now, he'll have to upgrade his card as well, a 6850 is yes, the correct path for an e8400, but it's really not future proof.
  8. Well he is planning on upgrading his E8400 in the future (which means I'm going to end up with it). He's looking at the i5-2400 or the i5-3450. He is going to keep the cards though.

    The 6850 is what I would pick for the E8400.
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