Laptop CPU temps?

Hi there peeps, i wanted to ask if these are normal temps for my N55SL laptop which has an i5 2450M at stock 2.5GHz with a Geforce GTX 635M 2gb.
The reason i ask is because when i ramp up games it goes on a mental high temp of nearly 99s with the battery inside and 90ish without the batter. THe exaust where the heat comes from is really hot and i'm worried..

I play games such as GW2 WoW and etc..

Idle temps ar mid 40s

USing a browser (surfing the net) is high 40s low 50s

Gamins is the issues of 90s and 99s...

I called asus and they gave me no help just saying laptop do generally get hotter ETC....

I'm using core temp and CPUID hardware monitor to see the temps...

Anyone able to help please do...

Extra info:

Laptop stand on a elevated tiny fan underneath it (not a proper notebook cooler)

Any help is appreciated.
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  1. The Gpu temps are fine. It's just the CPU... And the voltage is in its 20s at times... So I'm worried.
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