What ram do I use for KG7?

Just wondering what works for you KG7 users out there... Registered, Unbuffered, both? I read somewhere that you needed Registered to use more than 2 slots, but I see nothing about that on the Abit page, or in the manual. Help?
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  1. Yes, you will need Registered to use more than 2 dimm. It is stated on the manual.
  2. Yeah, ive got 768 running (3x 256), and its registered, works fine.
  3. like they said 2 sticks max for unregistered
    buy the best quality you can (steer clear of generic ect)!!
    remember windows 98/me has a problem with more than 512mb
  4. ME too?
    I thought that it was just 98.

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  5. I've read somewhere that if it's 'really high quality' unregistered, it will work; but Abit will not 'guarantee' it. I guess 'really high quality' would be Micron pc2400, cas2 or something....

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  6. Guys you're going about this all wrong.

    It doesn't matter at all how many slots you are using, if you decide either Unbuffered or Registered memory.

    All that matters is how many banks each memory stick has.

    The Abit KG7 or KG7-RAID supports up to 4 banks of memory if Unbuffered, and up to 8 banks if Registered.

    If each of your memory sticks used 1 bank each, then you can use all four Unbuffered. However, if you had a memory chip with 4 banks, then you can only use 1 of those if Unbuffered, or 2 if Registered. Look at the banks on the memory, because believe me, not all memory is equal.
  7. We understand the limitations, but thank you for the clarification on the number of memory banks. I've never broken it down like that.

    So, can you find 512meg sticks with only 2 banks/card, unregistered?

    <font color=blue>I hacked Msft, and all I got was this lousy source code.....</font color=blue>
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