Whta to do when the remote device or resource won\'t accept the connection

Hi everybody, so here is the story. I like to play games on a site called agame.com and it will then say that word for mword "The remote devcie or resource won't accept the connection". I have tried everything that i could imagine that i could possibly and ended up with the same exact. I have tried claering the history and cookies, the DNS, changeign the LAN, reseting the computer nad modem, and clearing the cache files. I also ran a virus scan and only found vunerable files that I immeditaly fixed but with no result. So please tell me what else thta i cna do to try to fix it. Also i did ping it and it all correct and had no mistakes in it.
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  1. Are you banned from there...email THEM and ask them...or for help...
  2. I tried e mailing them and no results, still is doing it.
  3. A couple of times i had similar problems with remote device. I contact a IT consultant of beanywhere - beanywhere dot com - and he solve me the problem. Try you too.
  4. It Happens because of any sort of change in your ip address and remote system won't recognize your system IP address and may be some window update happened because of it IP Address got change. better re install your network drivers.

    Ankur Kumar
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