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for occasional gaming (on Mid/Low) my specs: cpu Intel i3 2100 3.10gHZ,mobo Gigabyte Z68M-D2H, RAM Kingstong Hyperx Blu 8 gb 1333Mhz,monitor Asus VH238 LED 23",PSU Thermaltake TR2 500W , Ihave seen on Amazon a EVGA GT640 110$ and a Asus HD 7750 110$, Both PciE 3.0 i dont know which one is better but my mobo is PciE 2.0 ..Bottleneck??
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    If you can stretch your budget to $135, this card will run circles around those weak GPU's you posted. It's $120 after rebate and you would be able to play most games on high settings.

    ^Odd, in the list, it says $134.99 and $119.99 after rebate but shows different price in the product page.

    You will be fine, with low end to mid range cards, your CPU will not be bottlenecked. Also PCI-E generations are all compatible with each other, so a PCI-E 3.0 card will work on a PCI-E 2.0, 1.0 slot and such.

    If you cannot go above $100, this card is stronger than both those GPUs too.
  2. Bellow $100 - 6750
    Just above $100 - 7750
  3. thanks.. i have checked your suggestions but i just buy from amazon, because newegg don't take my credit card , maybe i could add 35$ more to the budget and buy a HD 7770 135$ looks pretty good and its 120$ after rebate.
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  5. Now just need to decide between HD 7770 Asus +5$ or HD 7770 Sapphire.
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