AMD FX-8120 vs Phenom x4 960t

Basically, I do a lot of audio work, and my Digital Audio Workstation DOES take advantage of as many cores as I have available.

I've been using a Phenom x4 960t for a while now, and had no issues with choppy audio, crackles, pops, or any of the telltale signs that your CPU is getting maxed out.

Now, I upgraded to the fx-8120, had it overclocked and stable at around 4ghz, and it never got much past 50% CPU, however, at about 40%, i would get choppy, laggy audio and super slow response time when working on a project.

Any explanation as to why my 8-core is shitting on me at 50%, while my quad handles it flawlessly?
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  1. Yup.

    I spent 3 days trying to figure stuff out, tried almost everything.

    I'm actually hearing that a couple other people have had issues with distorting and crackling audio with the 8120.

    know of any reasons why the 8120 would have issues with audio only?
  2. I've actually tested both of them with an ASrock mobo and an ASUS mobo.

    Even without the extra cores unlocked, the phenom outperforms the FX for audio work.
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