Question about PSUs

Just wanna ask what PSU I can get

My pc specs are :

MoBo : AsRock H61M-VS R2.0
-Micro ATX
-Socket 1155
-2 DDR3 1333
-1 PCIe 2.0 x16
-CH HD Audio
-10/100 Ethernet
-4 SATA2
-10 USB 2.0
Processor : Intel i3 3220 CPU @ 3.30ghz
Physical Memory : 2 x DDR3 4gb RAM = 8GB Ram
OS : Windows 7 Ultimare - 64 Bit .
Monitor Resolution : 1360x768

I did throw away my OLD video card , because my cousin gave me a Nvidia GTX650 which is a good thing since I dont have work yet and is studying . Only allowance is my salvation . xD

So ..

Video card : Nvidia GTX650 1gb gddr5 .

I'm not that "OH-I-MUST-RUN-THIS-GAME-AT-ULTRA-WITH-FXAA-AND-ANTI-ALISASING kinda guy" I'm always just running at my default resolution given above with custom settings with a little medium in there with a little high in there . But I never turn on anti-aliasing or fxaa .

But my problem is my PSU , I have not tested the new video card yet , but I know that it will be insufficient , as it is only a generic psu that comes with the case . So I'm asking if this PSU can run my current specs and video card(Palit GTX 650 1gb/128bit ddr5 (OC Ed) .

This PSU is what im talking about :

Thanks ! :))
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  1. That line of psus are decent ones, not the best ones, but decent, for a 650, a 400w psu will do.
    So your're fine.
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