2xSapphire 7850 Question

Hello everyone, i'm considering some upgrades in the near future so i was wondering if my PSU can handle it.
Current build:
Asus M5A97 Pro
FX-6100 (Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo)
2x4Gb Kingston HyperX Blu
1xSapphire 7850 2Gb
2xHdd Sata
Corsair TX650v2

Planned upgrade: adding 1 more Sapphire 7850 2Gb, FX-6100 -> FX8150

Personally i think it will handle the new stuff, what do you think guys?
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  1. Sapphire 7850 2Gb needs only 1x6pin so i will have. And about the bottleneck yeh i know.
  2. Quote:
    Fair enough.

    I would advise you to overclock your CPU..
    Not because you can, but because it is seriously lacking for CFX and SLi configs.

    Do you have a decent CPU cooler?

    agree with you bud!
    overclocks your cpu by 15-20% should get rid of any real bottlenecks
    and also instead of buying another hd 7850 why dont sell it and buy a single powerful card like a gtx 670 or hd 7970
  3. Well i think CM Hyper 212 Evo is decent since it managed to keep my FX-6100 @ 4.5 1,41v @63C in 30C non ac room.
  4. And yeh i'm still not sure about 2x7850 or a more powerful single gpu.
  5. Kay i'm still considering that , but back to the main question is my PSU capable?
  6. yes it should run a hd 7970 /gtx 680 perfectly!
  7. Cheers guys , thanks for the answers.
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