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Mouse question...

Hi guys [and gals] :)

The mouse that I am using for my new HDTV Box is sluggish on the screen of my TV.

This is a high end 60" LED 240hz TV so I do not think that the TV is the issue. I am
however using one of those cheap 10$ wireless mouse's.

To get a mouse that will suffer no delay or sluggishness on my TV screen while using
it with my new "Computer for TV", what are the specs that I need to look for?

And if it is not to much trouble, please explain what the different specs mean.

Thank you for your time,
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    What kind of input are you using for your TV? VGA, HDMI...?

    Some television features such as Truemotion will add input lag which could cause your mouse to feel slow. Try enabling gaming mode or the equivalent for your model.
  2. I'm sorry I neglected to mention that.

    I'm using the on-board (for now) Intel Graphics and the HDMI output from the Extream4 MB.

    Thank you,
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