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will zotac gtx 560 ti oc version 1 gb will work on i3 550 3.2ghz with motherboard dh55pj 450 watt psu 4gb ddr3 ram :bounce:
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  1. yes but the more important thing is what psu do you have? and it will work but it will be held back by your i3
  2. i have intel 450 watt psu is it ok for 560 ti oc version
  3. it might be pushing it, a 500-550w psu from corsair, seasonic or ocz would be a good brand
  4. Even if you get a new PSU, that CPU will bottleneck a GTX560Ti slightly.
    The best you could go for with that CPU, would be a HD 6850 or a GTX460.
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