I7-950 / fx-6100?

which one would be better for gaming and overall?

i can get both for the same price but dont know which one to pick

yes i know that the i7 is the 1st gen processor

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  1. whats your budget?

    toms hardware has the 950 on par with the 6200 for gaming

    the 950 is older consumes more power and not upgradable. you may want to consider the fx 6300
  2. the 6100 series is based off bulldozer and a complete fail in gaming, if anything the 4300 or 6400 off the zambezi plateform would do u justice, but the i7 950 is no slouch with 4cores+4htcores overclocked is still a beast today :P

    id suggest the 950 over the 6100 anyday, but if u can get a 6300 than go for it :)
  3. i could get the 950 80-100€
  4. that cheap, go get it sir, :D

    thats a steal.

    u do have the 1366 mobo for it right?
  5. not excactly :D
  6. well if u dont have the board, than id get the 6300 than.
  7. the 950 is so cheap because its used, i could also buy an used sabertooth x58 for about 60-80€

    for a total of around 160€
  8. go for the newer hardware.. the difference in performance doesnt justify buying the old hardware
  9. My vote goes for the FX 6300.... especially when you factor in upgradeability.
  10. i think the 6300 would be worth it, but than again used sabertooth+950 for a cheap upgrade does sound pretty good, if u dont wanna upgrade for a while and make a build the 950 would be ideal, if u want to upgrade later on the 6300 fx would be the better choice.
  11. just to clear some some air here, its FX-6100 not 6300 ^^

    the product is being removed from the store and they are selling it for 80€ / each
  12. i know was saying that its either the 950 over the 6100, or buy a 6300, if ur only choice is 950, i strongly support ur decision :D
  13. my bad, my question wasnt that clear ( english isnt my native )

    current CPU : amd II 3x 455

    heres the question more clearly ;

    which one of these should i do?

    #1 buy a i7-900 series CPU and a mobo for it

    #2 buy a fx-6100 CPU ( my current mobo supports it )
  14. the 6100 really sucks lol, so i cant give u an ok for that, id say sell ur board+cpu on ebay, and buy 950+ a x58 plateform :D
  15. ill probably get the 6100 cause when i think about it i can sell my cpu for 30-40€ so the upgrade costs around 40-50€ and ill do a system upgrade on somewhere in the spring anyway and get like i5-3570k i just want a little faster CPU until then
  16. ok than get the 6100 if u want.

    good luck. but i dont find its a decent investment seen its really unfit for action.
  17. Why dont you get a amd 6300? I went from a i7 930 to my 6300 and my 6300 runs about 30c cooler and its faster in gaming by a nice amount.

    However if it was the 6100 vs the 950. the 950 is faster than the 6100 esspically when overclocked would be faster, but the 6100 has steamroller as a upgrade so really both ways are decent choices

    However i would get a 4300/6300 piledriver Forget about bulldozer
  18. i dont feel like paying 40-60€ more for 6300, going to get a much faster i5 processor somewhere in the spring, and i just cant stand my 3x 455... and besides its only a 40€ upgrade
  19. well get the 6100 now, than resell it, and than buy an i5+mobo+ram than :D
  20. Save you money and upgrade to a i5 Haswell in the spring. You just going to throw away 40 euros just to use the 6100 for a few months.
  21. well he seems he cant wait, so atleast for 40$ hes gonna have a temporary upgrade thats gonna help him game until juneé
  22. yeh i will do that thx for answers :), just asking could i OC it with a N68C-GS FX? i have a scythe ninca 3 cooler ordered
  23. When money is tight the last thing you want to is waste it.
  24. Goodeggray said:
    When money is tight the last thing you want to is waste it.

    +1 to this. Really its your choice op. but buying a 6100 then throwing it away is yea.... atleast wait for haswell until upgrading your 6100
  25. well technically im not throwing it away, im reselling it for 50-60€

    so in theory im "wasting" 20€ for 3 more cores and a 0.5 ghz clock speed

    and yes i will most probably wait for the haswell before i upgrade my cpu+mobo if they arent that expensive ( 50-100€ over current i3/i5/i7 )
  26. A better solution maybe replacing the cpu with a AMD phenom 965 be. It should be cheaper than a 6100 and is a better gaming cpu and keep you going longer before you change to Haswell.
  27. Get the 6300. Way better than the 6100 for barely any more cash. Also it has more cores than the 1st gen i7 and now that more and more programs are utilizing more and more cores I think the 6300 is the way to go.

    i7 1st gen is still a great choice if you can find it for significantly cheaper than the 6300 though. However considering you'd have to get a new mobo to do that, just bite the bullet and get the 6300. In the long run it will be less expensive because it will last you longer than the 6100 which is pretty much crap.
  28. bottomline. if u dont have much money keep ur current processor.

    if u wanna a quick upgrade 6100 would work, or just wait till summer for haswell or 1155 prices to drop
  29. Goodeggray said:
    A better solution maybe replacing the cpu with a AMD phenom 965 be. It should be cheaper than a 6100 and is a better gaming cpu and keep you going longer before you change to Haswell.

    not really, if you read my posts above the 6100 costs 80€ and the price of 965 BE is 99€
    and i have only 95w mobo and the 965 BE is 125w so...
  30. well can u wait chromic, or ur sick of ur cpu?
  31. think im getting the 6100 somewhere in next couple of days and sell my old one
  32. I can see why people who live outside the USA are envious of our tech prices. You can buy a OEM 965 for $75 boxed with cooler $85 and the 6100 for $90 and a $40 discount on a new mobo.
  33. yes, bizarre pricing, alright i think for ur situation the cheapest upgrade is 6100 :)
  34. i live in finland and we have a goddamn 23% tax here >.<

    new i7-3770k here costs about 320-350€ = 440$

    and new 6100 155$ / 6300 175$
  35. i have 6300 paired with a 7970ghz I max every game with 60fps+

    The 6300 is great gaming cpu. You could get the 6300 for $175 and not get haswell. But really its your money Your choice im just giving my opinion
  36. yes but he wants to wait for haswell.
  37. yea thats fine im just giving my 2cents if he wants to wait thats fine

    i think haswell will be here in about 6months?
  38. yes well dont forget haswell gonna cost a pretty penny also.

    with a bit more performance not worth the wait personally, but we up to the people to deceide.
  39. Yep I 100% agree with you. Haswell will be like 10-15% better. And will cost alot. A i5 3570k amd 6300/8350 is more than enough cpu power for any game. If I was him I would throw a amd 8320 in his current mono and you got yourself a nice gaming cpu or if you wanna save some $$$ get the 6300 but this is what I would do if I was in his situation but yea it's up to him
  40. 15% is a big number id say 10% maximum.
  41. Yea true. Like the jump from sandy to ivy was tiny
  42. theres some increase but not at the premium u pay for the new stuff.

    if anything sandy-e gonna be cheaper. :)
  43. Haha yea I wonder how much steam rollers improvement will be
  44. i dunno. we will have to see.
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