PC now works after taking out 1 RAM stick?

So at first I thought my mobo was dead cause I forgot the standoffs. So I went and reinstalled with the standoffs this time but still didn't boot.

So I tried taking out one RAM stick.......and all of a sudden it boots with full energy and doesn't shut off.

But does that mean I can never use that other RAM stick? Cause if not I'm only stuck with 4gb ram right now. And the ram I have is Crucial 8gb
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  1. Your system specs could help a lot.
  2. you could always get the stick RMA'd and i guess that should fix it but it could be a dead bus so try the other 2 busses as well
  3. Nvm problem solved guys, it was just my PSU was a DOA, got a spare and everything is good now thanks
  4. ok glad to help :D
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